Prime Ministers Row will offer the literal and figurative meeting point between those who shaped Canada’s first 150 years and those who will shape Canada’s next 150 years. 

This initiative will leverage the unique and extraordinary built heritage assets located along Ottawa’s Laurier Avenue East – historically home to multiple Prime Ministers and Fathers of Confederation – in order to create Canada’s first street museum in the heart of the Nation’s Capital.  This will be an innovative, participation-oriented, multi-block, multi-media, outdoor cultural space designed to encourage reflection on questions of governance, identity, culture, values and history.

Through a curated series of programs and events, as well as conferences, debates, speaker series and public art, we plan to engage Canadians from across the country and from all walks of life, bringing them together both physically and virtually.

In essence, an area once home to Canada’s political leaders will now become a space for every Canadian to discuss, debate and shape Canada’s public policy.