In realizing its Vision and achieving its Goals, PMR is committed to using its platform to pursue diversity, inclusivity and equity through three lenses:

  1. Future Programming and Events: Finding, illuminating and profiling previously silenced or unheard stories and perspectives from a wide variety of communities;
  2. Physical Infrastructure: Ensuring PMR’s urban design and architecture contribute to a safe, healthy, accessible and welcoming public space for all; and
  3. Organizational Design: Guaranteeing that at least 50% of the Board of Directors is composed of members of equity-seeking groups; undertaking specific efforts to engage service providers (from advisors and architects to urban planners and engineers) from across all equity-seeking communities; and ensuring that our Expert Advisory Panel is bilingual, regionally-diverse and includes members of equity-seeking communities.

PMR welcomes ideas and suggestions on how to celebrate and advance the democratization of power that was once consolidated within the hands of a privileged few; how to better acknowledge the work that remains to be done; and how to further empower and benefit equity-seeking communities through our work.