PMR’s logo is the creation of Calgary-based Jonathan Herman of Jonathan Herman Design, who sought to capture the bilingual, non-partisan, intergenerational, timeless nature of the initiative. It took Herman and his team over a month to develop and design the image. “We loved the gravity and the importance of the idea,” says Herman. “It hit a chord with me immediately. Why has this not been done before? It is easy to see the importance of the project.”



"We took the literal map of the neighbourhood and turned it into a metaphor for the people who lived there and created the fabric of the culture we inhabit today.”

After spending some time researching the neighbourhood on Google Maps, he came up with a simplified version of the layout of the streets. He coloured the line representing Laurier Avenue East red to highlight its importance as the heart of the neighbourhood that was home to fifteen Prime Ministers and Fathers of Confederation. The more he looked at what he had created, the more it reminded him of a swatch of fabric: “maybe even a piece of the Canadian flag...” Herman’s design captures the spirit of PMR, focused on how the legacy of the people who lived in the neighbourhood can inspire all those who come in contact with Prime Ministers' Row in the future.