"So how do you create a Street Museum, anyway?!"


Firstly, through a major infrastructure transformation of Laurier Avenue East and its adjacent parks and gathering spots. This will create beautiful and welcoming people-centred spaces that invite citizens back into the very intersections, streets and sidewalks where our leaders, lawmakers and codebreakers first lived, worked and wandered.

Structural Additions

Secondly, by adding a layer of structural embellishments to the streetscape like lighting fixtures, seating installations, wayfinding signs, content panels and public art, all of which create an immersive physical and emotional experience in which visitors have the space to sit, play, learn and think in the very place where decisions were first taken that continue to impact our contemporary lives.


Thirdly, by creating multimedia platforms and digital portals through which to access dynamic creative content and educational materials that can educate and engage Canadians - both as they navigate the streets of Sandy Hill and as they visit it remotely from other corners of Canada – from videos and social media interfaces to mobile apps and 3D tours.

Programming & Events

And finally, by constantly animating the area with a full slate of innovative, intergenerational programming and events – like political debates, thematic walking tours, art shows, speaker series and children’s activities, that take place throughout interior and exterior spaces along Laurier Avenue East and its environs.