The stories we tell must be relevant, relatable and understandable to modern Canadians. Through a series of contemporary thematic lenses, Prime Ministers’ Row will offer visitors space and context to reflect upon, challenge and engage with the ideas, initiatives and institutions that have shaped Canada.

Who We Are

This arc addresses the policies and political actions that made Canada a country and that help to define the Canadian identity and way of life:

  • National Unity
  • Social Policy
  • Land & Landscape
  • Culture & Identity

What We Believe

This arc speaks to how Canada interacts with the world, the types of example we set and how we treat our fellow humans:

  • Human Rights
  • Foreign Policy and Defence
  • Economic Policy

Our Guiding Principles

Every aspect of our work will be steered by our five guiding principles:

1. Recognize national legacies
2. Connect with modern Canadians
3. Include multiple perspectives
4. Present unexpected stories
5. Create an immersive visitor experience

Additionally, we are committed to fulfilling all of the relevant Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action related to Museums and Archives.