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Sandy Hill – only 20 minutes east of Parliament by foot – is an old, leafy neighbourhood on the banks of the Rideau Canal that’s been hiding an astonishing national and international history, in plain sight, for almost half a century. When you wander through contemporary Sandy Hill you’re wading through an invisible web of connections, events and people that make it one of the most unique and important cultural landscapes in the country. But  most Canadians have no idea that Sandy Hill houses some of the most important stories, secrets and scandals of our entire country. In fact, most Canadians have never heard of Sandy Hill.

We want to change that. Our vision is bold and ambitious: to leverage Sandy Hill’s tremendous history and built heritage, and transform it into Canada’s first Street Museum – a gathering place for all Canadians. It will be the sole venue in Canada dedicated to the lives and legacies of all of Canada’s Prime Ministers, and focused on understanding the impact of their ideas, initiatives and institutions on the country today. Moreover, it will be the only public-realm space in the entire country dedicated to citizen engagement around Canadian leadership in governance and democracy.